“Your Scrap is
Our Treasure”

Welcome to ReSteel

Resteel under new management

Who We Are

Resteel Recycling is a leading metal recycler in South East Melbourne. Our primary business focuses on recycling ferrous and non-ferrous metals from industrial, domestic and commercial clients.

We source and buy our ferrous and non-ferrous metals from automotive wreckers, scrap metal dealers, demolition companies, manufactures, electricians, plumbers and peddlers.

Close-up of a scrap yard with metal debris
Scrap metal piles at a scrap yard

What We Do

We provide pragmatic recycling services based on our client’s needs. Our focus is to ensure that we are effective in our services so that our clients can focus on their core business.

Why Choose Us

Our diverse, trusted network of suppliers and buyers make us an easy decision for all. Our network knows us as trustworthy, transparent, reliable and entrepreneurial.

Our scrap prices are competitive. Most importantly, our clients witness their Gross weight when they enter the yard and their Tare weight when they exit the yard.

Scrap gear

The Fundamentals


We are considerate, trusted, respected and reliable.


The quality of our service and material drives our business. We want our clients to buy our material again.


We live this culture and treat everyone as though they run their own business.

Radical Transparency

Our trust is built through transparency and commitment.

What We Recycle


We provide bin services based on our client's need. Our focus is to ensure we are effective in our bin service so that our client can focus on their core business.

We Pay For Cars

We accept scrap cars, trucks and bikes. However, in order to ensure everyone's safety, the seller must remove the gas tank and empty the fuel.


We consider contaminated loads as identified hazard. We will not accept contaminated (oil, paint, gas tannks/cylinders, and insulated material) loads.

Gas Bottles

We accept gas tanks if they are degassed and have at least two holes through it.

Industrial and Commercial Services

We can provide a Destruction Certificate with photographic evidence of obsolete plants and equipment.


Lead Acid (PB) batteries are recyclable. They can be found in automotives (cars, trucks, bikes) battery backed computer UPS and some Solar Systems.


Insulated and/or stripped copper and aluminium (PVC) cables.


Copper fittings, copper pipes, brass fittings, valves and other recyclable tools/equipment and parts.


Member of AMRIA